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Premium photos are the best way to showcase a home. Our tiered pricing allows you to stay in control of your listing media. Each photo is carefully edited to ensure the highest quality and highlight every beautiful detail. Flat pricing - no overages per sq. footage.

Up to 30


Up to 40




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real estate image 2
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3D Virtual tours help potential buyers view the home virtually, in the convenience of their own home. These interactive floor plans allows for quick navigation to the spaces of the home, and each iGuide provides room measurements, dimensions and total square footage. Another great add-on when paired with photos.


(up to 3000 sq ft)
6 cents /sq.ft after
No hosting fees – unlimited
hosting per property
Delivery up to 30 hours

Video is the MOST effective tool to sell a home. When working with us, we make sure it’s well-produced, professional, and suits the home’s aesthetic. Videos should be eye-catching and exciting so that they’re shared widely across social media - and we do just that! Often paired with photos - videos are the perfect way to show off your listing. Whether you choose to be on camera, or off, our videos give that added "wow" factor that images cannot. It's the perfect add-on for social media to add a marketing boost to your branding!


Cinematic video tour without agent on-camera. Perfect for showcasing the house in a social media ready video.

Aerial stills and video to showcase the surrounding area, and give potential buyers a view of the neighbourhood, the waterfront sunset or the beautiful large farmland.


6-12 photos


drone video (30-60 seconds)

drone image 1
drone image 2
drone image 3
drone image 4
drone image 5
drone image 6

Twilights resonate with potential homebuyers - it automatically triggers the brain to think the property is luxurious and expensive. In addition, the contrast between the colours in a twilight triggers our primordial need for shelter and protection. We offer real and day-to-dusk twilights so that you have more options for your listing.

Virtual Twilight

Real Twilight

Stats show that floor plans are the 2nd most important feature on a listing and correlate to the potential of leads. Floor plans support the photos included in the listing as they help potential buyers see how the rooms flow.. Even though photos are a must-have visual asset, floor plans create the “bigger picture”.

2D Floorplan

Best for standard homes.
With the combination of AI Scanning,
and human resource, 2D floorplans can
take up to 24 hours delivery time.

3D Floorplan

Best for new build homes, and homebuilders.
Up to 48 hours delivery. No extra cost
for revisions. 2D floorplan can be added
for an extra $10 if you would like both.

Virtual Staging

Order Virtual Staging

Provide a lifestyle look to a vacant property, without having to do the hard work of moving furniture into the home when we can do it virtually for you! You pick the style you want, we do the work. Never showcase a vacant property again without well-staged virtual furniture.





Air bnb’s are photographed a little differently than real estate, that’s why you should hire a professional company who specialises in capturing the lifestyle and essence of Air bnb’s to best showcase your rental to potential vacationers.

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